Enter & Work in Confined Spaces

Course Code



1 day



This course is aimed at providing knowledge and skills required to conduct a risk assessment of the working environment combined with practical experience, and knowledge on how to safely enter confined spaces to conduct work-related activities under an issued permit.

Engineers Inspecting Forged Steel --- Image by © Monty Rakusen/cultura/Corbis

Candidates will attain the practical application and understanding in the following:

  • obtaining the required entry permit and instructions for performing work in confined spaces
  • interpreting and applying workplace procedures
  • applying tagging and lock out procedures
  • selecting, wearing and caring for personal protective equipment
  • using atmospheric monitoring devices prior to entering the confined space
  • entering the confined space
  • working in the confined space
  • using atmospheric monitoring devices during confined space activity
  • applying safe materials handling methods
  • exiting the confined space
  • removing tagging and lock out.
  • Candidates must be 18 years of age or older
  • Ability to read, write and understand English
  • Present photo I.D. on arrival
  • Complete a ‘Fitness for Work’ form – Candidates are required to declare any medical issue that may exclude them from full participation
  • Wear normal work clothing, enclosed footwear and remove all jewellery prior to commencement
  • This course is delivered over one (1) day.
  • Training and assessment is delivered face to face at Altrad’s premises
  • Upon arrangement, training can be conducted on-site at the premises of our clients providing there is suitable infrastructure and training facilities. Contact us for more details
  • Assessment will include a WorkSafe written calculations and theory assessment and practical demonstration

NOTE: WorkSafe written assessments are ‘Closed book’.

If you are found not yet competent, you may re-sit this assessment. Refer Student Information Book.

On successful completion of this course candidates will be issued with a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment for the Unit/s of Competency.

Your Statement of Attainment does not have an expiry date, however, your High Risk Work Licence expires every five (5) years. You must not carry out high risk work until your licence has been renewed.


Contact us for further information.


Adjustments to training can be made for candidates with LLN issues so that they are not disadvantaged in completing this course. Please inform our office at the time of booking your course if you experience any language, literacy or numeracy issues.